Michigan’s 3rd district
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Ted Gerrard / 4481 Bonanza NE / Grand Rapids MI 49525
Michigan’s 3rd District

Thank you for taking an interest in my campaign for the US House of Representatives in Michigan’s 3rd district.


I have put a lot of thought and prayer into the decision to run for this office.  Many have said this will be a long hard road, I have known this from day one, and I believe in my heart this is the right decision.  I can not do this alone, it’s not about me, but as the Constitution starts WE THE PEOPLE we must speak out on what we believe. We can no longer be the “silent majority”.



First prayer, prayer we must seek guidance as we endeavor to do what God has set be for us.

Second financial support as this is an expensive endeavor, but with your prayers and financial support we can attain this goal.

Finally, there is nothing like having companions of like minds to walk with me on this journey.


If you have questions or comments, please contact me.


Ted Gerrard


This being a representative republic we should elect those who are living in a manner that represent values similar to our own, for if they are living in a manner of similar actions they will most likely be representative of those ideals in their decision making.